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Canada Pardon Group has helped Canadians from around the world completed their applications. Our industry experts have the knowledge, resources and understanding to complete your applications at the best prices in Canada, with the most comprehensive support.

Pardon- Removal of a Criminal Record

A Record suspension formally known as a pardon is required to clear your criminal record in Canada. 

US Entry Waiver- Safe Entry through U.S. Borders

A US Entry waiver removes the restrictions and barriers to cross the border with a criminal record. This is required if you have been rejected from entry or have a criminal record.

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We Remove your Criminal Record

Don't let a past mistake affect your future. Whether you are looking for work, travelling or volunteering, we can help.

We make the process as easy as possible with our web-based outreach and client communication. Our client portal and your client services professional will give you updates through each step of the process.

With the best rates in Canada and our money back guarantee, we can assure you we will facilitate your application efficiently and  with the highest quality.

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Has This Happened To You?

Turned away at the border

   Denied employment/ promotion

      Denied volunteering opportunities

         Unable to be bonded

            Unable to obtain citizenship

               Unable to cross into the U.S.

                  Denied custody of your children

                     Felt shamed by your neighbors, friends and family

                        Denied a previous record suspension or US entry                                   waiver attempt

Our clients are saying great things....

We at Canada Pardon Group truly believe in helping people get a fresh start, and that's why we are committed to offering the best rates, the highest quality service and want to be the most trustworthy firm in the industry. Don't believe us? See what our customers have to say:

"I was ripped off by a Pardon company in Toronto for $1300. I contacted Canada Pardon Group and was skeptical as they quoted me $400. After speaking with Jon I decided to give them a shot and I am happy I did! I now have my Pardon. It did take 11 months which was longer than expected, but no fault of theirs. Would recommend to anyone looking for a pardon."

Paul G - Ontario

"Really happy with them, Andrew was great to work with and they were the cheapest around."

Alice L - BC

"They got my pardon, did what I paid them to do."

Bruce K - Nova Scotia

"I almost didn't choose Canada Pardon Group as they were almost too cheap, but after talking to Jonathan and him explaining the amount of scams and upcharging in this sector I decided to choose them to complete my Pardon Application. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have my Pardon. Thanks again"

Jane S - Toronto, ON

"I needed an Entry Waiver being a truck driver and usually went with a different company. After seeing that their prices were substantially lower i gave them a try. I didn't know at first, but they had the waiver to me quickly and I will definitely be renewing with them in the future."

Jatinder - Alberta

"They were better than the last company I used that ran off with my money. I was originally told about 9 months but got in 10 months instead. They explained they cannot control times. So happy that I got my pardon."

J.K. - Quebec

-If we don't get your Pardon or US Entry Waiver you will receive a full refund!

-We have the best and most flexible price options.

-We offer in-house financing on some of our services. Contact us for more info.

Our Results.

We have a 98% success rate for obtaining Pardons and US Entry Waivers for our clients.

We believe success is also measured by client satisfaction

We work for our clients to ensure the CPG ADVANTAGE is met.

Our Service.

We will ALWAYS offer the lowest rates. You've paid enough and we want to help our clients.

We will ALWAYS ensure the process is understandable and that you are updated along the way.

If we cannot get your Pardon, you don't pay. That's the CPG guarantee

We offer a wide range of services to help tailor our expertise to your needs.

A  certified client service manager is assigned to each case, that sees the entire process through.

We are here to work for you through the process and make it as hands off for you as possible.

Our Guarantee.

Canada Pardons Group welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness you as an individual can benefit from our services. We have assisted clients in various matters of Canada pardons in Toronto | Vancouver | Calgary | Edmonton | Regina | Winnipeg | Hamilton | Kitchener | London ON | Mississauga | Ottawa | Montreal | Halifax. At CPG clients can expect highly effective Pardon, US entry waiver and criminal record destruction services coupled with professionalism at all times.

Our Process is Simple


Complete your eligibility check


A client services professional will contact you shortly after  confirming your eligibility, and provide you with a quote based on the information you have provided.


Once you have been given a quote, you will need to complete your purchase before the application process can begin. visit our payment page/to complete your purchase. 


Once your purchase is complete, your application process will begin with our simple to complete on boarding package. This is the information we will use to complete your application and paperwork. 

It is important to understand that there are additional costs associated with your application. 

1. Fingerprints range from $40-$60. This is paid directly to this service provider.

2. For record suspensions, Parole Board of Canada fee $655 paid directly to the Parole board at the time of application submission (approximately 6-8  months after process begins).

3.For US Entry Waivers, Home Land Security fee $585 US paid directly to the HLS department at the time of application submission (approximately 2-4 months after process begins). 

4. There may be additional costs requested of our clients based on out of control circumstances, such as increased police record check costs, increased court costs, processing fees for payment plans ect. 

We have an answer.


We respond quickly!



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Canada Pardon Groups Guarantee will be null and void if you fail to disclose any information related to your application, provide inaccurate details during your screening process or have any additional Police involvement during the application process. In the event of Police involvement after your application process begins, you are responsible to advise Canada Pardon Group of the final outcome, additional fees may apply.
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee entry into the US with a waiver. Our guarantee is specific to record suspension applications. 
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee our advanced pardon application package.
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