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Canada Pardons Group began with the idea of helping people and offering a service to help those in need take the next step in their lives.  We operate under a lean and efficient philosophy, allowing us to offer the best priced services in Canada.  When you are a client of ours, we will always have your best interests first and foremost.  We offer the most comprehensive customer service in the industry, and in addition, we also offer you a *Guarantee, if you do not receive your Record Suspension we will give you a refund.  No others offer this to you.

​Our packages range in service and price to accommodate you and we will work within your budget so you can get the final outcome you need.


Our Services include Record Suspensions, United States Entry Waivers, File Destruction, Wills, Power of Attorney and other legal services.

On your intake with us as a client, your dedicated file is created to streamline information, procedures and timelines, ensuring your application is treated with the best level of service.


At CPG we have built our business to suit our client’s needs and individual circumstances. The members of our team are among some of the most experienced and qualified throughout the industry. By providing you with the best people in the industry, we ensure your application is processed timely and efficiently adhering to the strict requirements of each government agency. Helping you turn “A New Leaf” in your life is the goal of Canada Pardon Group
Our investment towards integrating leading edge technology supports our team and gives them the ability to steam line your information makes it more efficient for yourself and all Government agencies to communicate.


At Canada Pardon Group our team is trained in using leading edge technology by Senior Account Analyst (SAA). We understand each individual client has unique circumstances which may involve various government departments and can become quite complicated and stressful. Our goal is to make the process simple and painless for clients and their families by taking away the stress and complications. Our CPR method of COMPASSION, PROFESSIONALISM and RESPECT has been working to reduce the stress and hardship of the process for our clients and their families. Make us your choice and see just how simple and hassle free our process can be.


Canada Pardon Group has the experience and relationships to offer our clients the absolute best service at lowest rates. We have formed strategic alliances in the areas most essential to our industry and have worked hard to network with the appropriate agencies we encounter during the application and processing phases. Our team is prepared to rely on any contact within our network to assist us, ensuring we have done everything within our ability to see each application to approval. At Canada Pardon Group we continue to grow our network to help serve you better, giving you the best results for your investment. Our entire network is working hard to help each client turn “A New Leaf” in life.



22 Frederick Street Suite 700

Kitchener, Ontario.  


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Canada Pardon Groups Guarantee will be null and void if you fail to disclose any information related to your application, provide inaccurate details during your screening process or have any additional Police involvement during the application process. In the event of Police involvement after your application process begins, you are responsible to advise Canada Pardon Group of the final outcome, additional fees may apply.
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee entry into the US with a waiver. Our guarantee is specific to record suspension applications. 
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee our advanced pardon application package.
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