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What is a Record Suspension formerly known as a Pardon?

A Criminal Pardon (Record Suspension) allows individuals whom were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated that they are law-abiding citizens for a prescribed number of years, to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records. A Record Suspension removes an individual’s criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. This means that a search of CPIC will not show that the individual has a criminal record or a Record Suspension. This not only helps them access employment and educational opportunities it allows them to reintegrate into society. The Canadian Criminal Pardon process was officially changed in March 2012, giving the process a new name as Record Suspension. There have been tougher mandates and timelines set in place by the Parole Board of Canada, making it increasingly difficult to navigate the process.

When am I eligible for a Record Suspension?

You are eligible for the Record Suspension 5 or 10 years after you satisfy your punishment and all applicable costs associated. The wait times will depend on the severity of your conviction. If you have been convicted of a schedule 1 offence or you have more than 3 convictions serving over 2 years in jail you do not meet the requirements for a record suspension set out by the Federal Government. You do not have to wait until you are eligable to start the process of a pardon. Keep in mind it takes between 6-18 months to aquire.

Can the Parole Board of Canada deny my application?

The Parole Board of Canada can deny an application if they feel you are not of good conduct or at risk to reoffend or are not eligible. You will be given an opportunity to present written representation to the Parole Board of Canada before a decision is made.

How long does a Record Suspension take to aquire?

The application/process takes an average of 6-18 months to complete. It takes time for all the required documents to be processed by the courts, Police and Parole Board of Canada. Results also very based on the severity of the convicted crime.

I was deported and no longer live in Canada can I still apply for a Record Suspension?

Yes, we help people all over the world. Once you start the process we will send you the required documents to start your application.

Will I still have a weapon ban when I get my Record Suspension?

Yes, the Record Suspension will not remove any prohibitions ordered by the courts.

If I get a Record Suspension am I still on the sex registry?

Yes, the Record Suspension will not change the order to sign in on the Sex registry by the courts.

Why is my Youth record still showing up?

Your Youth record will be removed 3 or 5 years after you satisfy your punishment. If you are convicted as an Adult before this time has passed it will get locked into your record, and then removed once you apply for a Record Suspension.

Do I need a US Entry waiver?

You only need a US Entry Waiver if you have been refused entry to the USA. We do not encourage anyone to apply for a voluntary waiver. Keep in mind that once the USA has your record they will have it forever. In addition, a US Entry Waiver is a renewable application.

How long is the US Entry waiver valid for?

The Department of Homeland Security will determine the length of time your US Entry Waiver is valid for. The standard time lines are for granted US Waiver applications are 1, 3 or 5 years.

Can I do the application on my own?

Yes, you can complete the Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver application on your own. You will have to obtain all the records on you own. Make sure that you have collected all the documents and they are in the correct order. Keep in mind some of the documents are time sensitive.

Why should I choose Canada Pardon Group?

Choosing Canada Pardon Group to process your applications means you have an agency that is knowledgeable and who cares. It means you can have the peace of mind that your application is getting the attention it requires and everything possible is being done toaquire your pardon. You are kept updated at all times and your file is organized and well maintained. With us there are also no hidden fees or surprises, we disclose all information to you before you make a commitment with us. Choose the agency that will work for you, choose the only agency with the money back guarantee.

How does a criminal record effect my employment?

More than ever companies are requiring criminal background checks, for the security of the company, its customers and staff. By signing an application form or an employment agreement, you may be giving permission to conduct a criminal background check. You may have even worked for the same employer for many years and you are still not protected against future criminal background searches. Being self-employed or a business owner does not offer protection against criminal background checks, most companies that sub-contract out work require a clear criminal history for employees and owners of companies they will tender a contract to. Having a blemish on your record can impede your ability to bid on some contracts as a business owner or prevent you from advancing as an employee. By clearing your criminal history, you have positioned yourself and your company to advance and grow without setbacks.

Will the Parole Board of Canada grant a Record Suspension urgently?

No. The Parole Board of Canada no longer grants urgency for an applicant. The Parole Board of Canada will process Summary applications within 6 months & indictable applications within 12 months. If the Parole Board of Canada requires additional information that can take an additional year to process your application.

Can I travel with a Criminal Record?

The USA (including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands) will not allow people with a Canadian criminal record to enter. Make sure that if you are going on a vacation it is a direct flight. Make sure to check the current Visa requirements for the specific country you want to go to.

Can I get a passport with a Criminal Record?

Yes, you can obtain a Canadian passport with a criminal record. If you are on probation you will want to check with your probation officer if you can travel

Does a criminal record effect my immigration status?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is a Federal Government department, meaning it does have access to all federal databases and will utilize all the tools it has to make the best decision possible. Having a criminal record can deny or delay your immigration application at any stage, it’s always best to receive a Criminal Pardon before processing your immigration application. Individuals who hold a status other that a Canadian Citizen, can be deported from Canada due to a criminal record. It is in anyone’s best interest to have any past criminal records pardoned.

If my fingerprints were taken for immigration or a job does that mean I have a criminal record?

No, fingerprints that are taken for immigration or a job are done for identification purposes.

I received a pardon and was charged again, what happens to my pardon?

There is a chance that your pardon may be revoked. This will depend on the seriousness of the offence and if you are convicted.

Can I receive a second pardon?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements set out by the Federal Government.

I received a peace bond (acquitted, withdrawn, discharge, dismissed) does that mean I still have a record?

Yes, in this case we can submit a request to have the fingerprints & photographs destroyed both Federally & Provincially.

What is a US Entry Waiver?

A US Entry Waiver (Advanced Permission for Admissibility) is a document that allows people who have been convicted of a criminal offence to legally enter the United States of America. These applications are reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security, the requirements of the application is specific and change often, making it difficult to acquire without the help of a professional. A US Entry Waiver eliminates the risks involved in crossing the border, by acquiring a Waiver, you have demonstrated to the Department of Homeland Security that you have nothing to hide and are a law-abiding person. By submitting all the required information within the specified time frames, you have shown that your intentions in the United States of America are honorable and without malicious intentions. With the Department of Homeland Security satisfied, you can cross the border without delays or embarrassments.

I received a record suspension & want to go to the USA, should I tell them that I have the record suspension?

Once you receive a Record Suspension your records have been removed and sealed from public record. This means you have been given a fresh start. If you choose to tell anyone that you have received a Record Suspension or that you had a criminal record you are handing over your information to the Department of Homeland Security to keep forever. At that point, you will have to do a US Entry Waiver & the records will be extremely to obtain.

I over stayed my welcome in the US and they gave me a ban. What can I do to enter before the ban is finished?

If you have received a ban to enter the USA and want to enter before the ban has expired you will have to apply for a US Entry Waiver. We recommend the ban be half way if not longer before attempting to apply for a US Entry Waiver.

I have a simple marijuana possession conviction, do I have to wait for a pardon?

Bill C-93, which became law in July 2019, waived the CPB fee or $631 and the five-to-10-year wait period for applicants. Call one of our consultants to see if you apply.



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