How to get a pardon in canada fast!

Unfortunately Pardons / Record Suspensions take time to obtain, and while we will work for you to get this completed there are several obstacles for us and any other Pardon Application agency that are out of our control:

  • Waiting on fingerprinting information from the CCRTIS can take 2-4 weeks depending on the agency

  • Waiting on the Court Documents to be returned can take up to 120 days depending on the court of submission.

  • Police Records can take 2 - 8 weeks depending on the police station

  • When the Pardon Application is submitted to the Parole Board it can take 3-12 months depending on how large the queue is.

To offset this we ask you not to procrastinate or hold off on sending us the items we need or completing the tasks we give you to obtain the information we need. Once we receive information we always turn it around within one business day to give you the best and quickest service we can provide.

If you ever have any questions about timing feel free to reach out to us.



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Canada Pardon Groups Guarantee will be null and void if you fail to disclose any information related to your application, provide inaccurate details during your screening process or have any additional Police involvement during the application process. In the event of Police involvement after your application process begins, you are responsible to advise Canada Pardon Group of the final outcome, additional fees may apply.
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee entry into the US with a waiver. Our guarantee is specific to record suspension applications. 
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee our advanced pardon application package.
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