Prices and Payments

Canada Pardon Group operates under a lean and efficient philosophy which allows us to offer the best prices for your Pardon/ Record suspension in Canada.

By offering specific packages we are able to support all variations of criminal record suspensions and US Waivers.

If you need help choosing the right package, contact us for assistance.

If you have received a quote from our client service professionals, please select the package prescribed to you.

If you are making a payment as apart of your payment plan, please complete the transaction by selecting the payment plan option.



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Kitchener, Ontario.  


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Canada Pardon Groups Guarantee will be null and void if you fail to disclose any information related to your application, provide inaccurate details during your screening process or have any additional Police involvement during the application process. In the event of Police involvement after your application process begins, you are responsible to advise Canada Pardon Group of the final outcome, additional fees may apply.
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee entry into the US with a waiver. Our guarantee is specific to record suspension applications. 
Canada Pardon Group does not guarantee our advanced pardon application package.
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